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 Potting Mixes 
These potting mixes are for general or nursery applications. Starting at your basic grade to the premium fertilised grade.
Nature Grow PM 25lt
Richgro General Purpose PM 25lt

Brunnings PM 5lt
Nu-Erth General Purpose PM 25lt
Garden Essentials PM 30lt

Premium Nursery Grade:
Brunnings Hanging Basket PM 10lt
Amgrow Pot n Peat PM 5lt, 15lt & 30lt
Amgrow Pot n Peat Nusery Grade 30lt (contains CRF)
Richgro Pro Mix 25lt (contains CRF)
Richgro Pro Mix + Seasol 25lt (contains CRF)
Amgrow Shrub n Tub PM 15lt & 30lt (contains CRF & water crystals)

**CRF = Controlled Release Fertiliser

Amgrow Organix Potting Mix 30lt - certified organic
Seasgreens Organic PM 30lt - certified organic

Specialty Mixes:
Speciffically designed for certain plant varieties

African Violet PM 5lt
Aquatic Planting Mix 10lt
Azalea & Camellia PM 5lt, 10lt & 30lt
Bulb PM 5lt & 15lt
Native PM 30lt
Native Low Phosphorous PM 30lt (contains Low Phos CRF)
Orchid PM 5lt, 10lt, 25lt & 30lt
Palm and Fern PM 25lt
Potted Colour PM 15lt & 25lt
Rose Potting & Planting Mix 10lt, 25lt & 30lt
Seed Raising Mix 5lt, 15lt & 30lt
Succulent & Cacti PM 5lt, 15lt & 30lt