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 Soils & Mulches 
Fertilised loam and pine bark mulches for sprucing up your garden and having it looking healthly and clean.
Fertilised Loams
Enriched with compost and manures for a nutrient boost when topping up your garden beds.

Amgrow Garden Mix 30lt
Garden Essentials Garden Soil 30lt
Brunnings Garden Soil 25lt
Richgro Organic Soil Mix 35lt

Lawn Topdressing
For the repair and preparation anf new lawns.

Amgrow Supertop Lawn Repair and Topdressing 30lt

Fine and coarse pine bark mulches

Amgrow Fine Pine Bark 60lt
Amgrow Landscape Pine Bark 50lt
Richgro Graded Landscape Pine Bark 40lt

Composted bark mixtures

Amgrow Mulch 'n' Grow 30lt & 60lt
Garden Essentials Grow Mulch 30lt
Brunnings Easy Wetta Mulch 22lt & 40lt
Richgro Moisture Plus Mulch 25lt
Richgro Water Saver Mulch 30lt