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Sand, Rock, Vermiculite, Perlite, Peat and Sphagnum Moss.

Peat Moss/Coco Peat
Used for propagation or mixed with potting mixes and soils to retain moisture.

Brunnings Coco Fibre 5lt
Brunnings Peat Moss 5lt
Amgrow Killarney Peat Moss 5lt
Richgro Moisture Plus Peat 25lt
Richgro Water Saver Peat 30lt
Brunnings Garden Peat Bale 30lt
Lithuaniun Peat Moss Bale 250lt

Compressed Coir Peat Blocks
Compressed blocks for easy handling, just add water and watch them expand. Used for propagating, potting mixes and mulching.

Brunnings Feed n Mulch Block 65lt
Brunnings Easy Wetta Mulch Block 60lt
Brunnings Easy Wetta Peat Brick 9lt
Brunnings Easy Wetta Potting Mix Block 15lt
Brunnings Easy Wetta Potting Mix Block 60lt
Brunnings Orchid Potting Mix Block 15lt
Brunnings Orchid Mulch Block 60lt
Brunnings Rose Planting Mix Block 15lt
Brunnings Seed Raising Mix Block 15lt
Brunnings Peat Brick + Nitrophaska Fertiliser 9lt
Peat Brick 9lt (unwrapped)

Sphagnum Moss
Used for proagation, moisture retention and great to use as a basket liner.

Amgrow Sphagnum Moss 5lt
Brunnings Sphagnum Moss 5lt

Perlite & Vermiculite
Used for propagation and potting media to improve drainage and moisture retention.

Vermiculite 5lt
Perlite 5l
Perlite 100lt bulk bag
Vermiculite 100lt bulk bag

Used for propagation, potting mixes and soils. Can help with drainage when added to potting media.

Brunnings Propagation Sand 5lt
Propagation Sand 20kg

And for the Kids...
Richgro Play Sand 20kg

Pebbles - Rocks
For driveways or decoration around plants and garden beds.

White Quartz Pebble 5mm, 15mm & 20mm in 20kg
Speckled Gold Pebble 14/25mm in 20kg bag
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