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 Potting Mixes & Media 
From a Budget grade to an Australian Standards Nursery grade potting mix, we will have the right mix for your needs.
Potting Mixes
Budget potting mix
Regular potting mix
Nursery Grade potting mix (Coco-Peat based)
Nursery Grade potting mix + CRF (Coco-Peat based)
Shrub, Tub 'n' Terra potting mix + CRF & Water Crystals (Coco-Peat based)

CRF = Crontrolled Released Fertiliser

Specialty Potting Mixes
Azalea & Camellia Acidic Premium potting mix + CRF
Bonsai potting mix
Bulb Premium potting mix
Cactus potting mix
Native Premium potting mix :Low Phosphorous
Native Premium potting mix :Low Phosphorous + CRF
Orchid potting mix
Propagation potting mix
Rose & Citrus planting/potting mix
Seed Raising mix
Seedling mix
Seedling mix + CRF

Organic Potting Mix
Organix Premium potting mix

Potting Media
Coconut fibre peat expanded
Composted orchid potting bark 15mm
Composted potting bark fines "Blended Bark"
Compost Scottsdale potting bark 10mm minus
Lithuanian peat moss 250lt bale
Perlite 100lt bag
Vermiculite 100lt bag