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For the control of Ants, Aphids, Grubs, Spiders and more.
Ant Kill 1lt RTU
Ant Kill 3lt RTU
Rose Spray 1lt RTU
Rose Spray 3lt RTU
White Oil 400gm Aerosol

Ant Killer Dust 300gm
Ant, Spider & Cockroach 100ml
Ant, Spider & Cockroach 500ml
Ant, Spider & Cockroach 750ml RTU
Ant, Spider & Cockroach 4lt RTU
Antiscale 100ml
Clear White Oil 250ml
Clear White Oil 500ml
Clear White Oil 350gm Aerosol
Garden Insect Spray 250ml
Lawn Grub Killer 100ml

Amgrow - Garden King
Bug Kill 350gm Aerosol
Fix Ant 375gm Granules
Grubkil 500 100ml
Organix Pyrethrum 200ml

Bug-B-Gon 750ml RTU
Home Defense Barrier Spray 750ml RTU
Home Defense Barrier Spray 3lt RTU
Pyrethrum 750ml RTU
Spider, Cockroach & Ant 750ml RTU

Ant, Spider & Cockroach 250ml
Ant, Spider & Cockroach 750ml RTU
Caterpillar, Grasshopper and Millipede Killer 250ml
Garden Insect Killa 250ml
Organic Pyrethrum 750ml RTU

Baythroid Garden Insect Spray 350gm Aerosol
Beat-A-Bug Happy Roses 1lt RTU
Beat-A-Bug Happy Roses 4lt RTU
Beat-A-Bug Insect Spray 1lt RTU
Beat-A-Bug Insect Spray 4lt RTU
Clensel Insecticide 500ml
Sharpshooter Pyrethrum 500ml