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 Introducing WaterUps®; a new offering from HALS 
Introducing WaterUps®; a new offering from HALS img1 WaterUps® is the sustainable approach to garden watering, bringing 21st century technology to the age old concept of wicking.
Introducing WaterUps®; a new offering from HALS img2A unique product designed to combat water waste and reduce the amount of maintenance, time and water needed for a wide range of growing environments.

Australian owned and manufactured from re-cycled plastic, they are modular in nature so can be used in any shape or sized garden and can be included in new designs or retrofitted to an existing garden – they can even be cut to shape and size if need be!

With water-savings of up to 80% on traditional above ground irrigation they offer significant benefits to growers and gardeners.

As the cells allow gardens to be left for extended periods of time (up to 3 – 4 weeks even during the hot summer months) they help gardeners meet the challenge of drought and increasing water restrictions.

HALS stock a range of WaterUps® products including the “Oasis” and “Corro” self-watering wicking bed kits that contain everything needed to start a wicking bed garden – just add water and your favourite potting mix and plants and you’re growing!