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HALS Biochar is produced using waste product from the food industry, put through a low oxygen high temperature environment in a process known as pyrolysis. The complex structure of the Biochar enables it to hold over double its volume in water and hold nutrients for a slow-release-fertiliser like effect. Using a food industry waste product that would have ultimately broken down into CO2 and fixing that carbon into the soil is a great benefit to the environment.

Soil tends to become compacted over time leading to poor drainage, stunted plant growth from roots unable to penetrate the soil and from nutrient and water take up being impacted. Biochar allows for drainage, aeration, and proper nutrient uptake, leading to healthy plants. Biochar applied at rates of 5 to 20% have been shown to boost crop yields and reduce plant diseases. Good news for home gardeners and horticulturalists alike.


- Fixes Carbon into the Soil

- Enhances Plant Health and Immunity

- Improves Soil Structure

- Improves Soil Microbial Activity 

- Improves Water Retention 

- Increases Crop Yields



Biochar Potting Mix

- 25L

- 10% Activated Biochar, 90% SeaGreens Potting Mix

Biochar Compost

- 20L

- 10% Activated Biochar, 90% SeaGreens Compost

Biochar Pure

- 10L

- Needs to be activated before use

- Can be activated in a liquid fertiliser such as worm juice

HALS Smokewater

- 1L Bottle

- Great for Seed Germination, Particularly Native Australian Seeds

- Improves plant health and resistance to disease

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