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Bulk Density – 600kg per m3

Price $205.00 p/m3 (Inclusive of GST)

BIOCHAR Compost is a blend of 10% BIOCHAR and 90% SeaGreens Compost. This is perfect for veggie gardens or as a soil improver to bring back life to depleted soils. It will improve the structure of your soil indefinitely. It will also improve the water holding capacity of the soil as BIOCHAR holds over 2.7 times its volume in water. It also holds nutrients much like water, releasing them into the soil over time.



Bulk Density – 1000kg per m3

Price $715.00 p/m3 (Inclusive of GST)

Our Gypsum has a fine almost sand like consistency and is great for breaking down clay to improve the drainage properties of soil. Gypsum also increases calcium in the soil, an important plant nutrient.


Garden Lime

Bulk Density – 2000kg per m3

Price $195.00 p/m3 (Inclusive of GST)

Ag-lime or Garden Lime raises the pH of the soil to make it more alkaline. It is an important soil conditioner and great to add in when planting crops like legumes. Garden Lime adds calcium to the soil.



Bulk Density – 620kg per m3

Price $2125.00 p/m3 (Inclusive of GST)

BIOCHAR Pure is BIOCHAR in its raw form and needs to be activated in compost or liquid fertiliser before being put into the garden. If it is put into the garden raw it will take up nutrients from the soil rather than add them in and provide the full benefit of BIOCHAR. The best application rate for BIOCHAR is between 5% and 20% (5L - 20L per 100L of potting media).


Dolomite Lime

Bulk Density – 2000kg per m3

Price $225.00 p/m3(Inclusive of GST)

Dolomite lime contains calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate. Dolomite lime increases the soil pH and adds calcium & magnesium into the soil.


Mushroom Compost

Bulk Density – 700kg per m3

Price $100.00 p/m3 (Inclusive of GST)

Sourced from a Tasmanian mushroom farm, great to mix into veggie beds. 


SeaGreens Organic Compost

Australian Certified Organic

Bulk Density – 600kg per m3

Price $75.00 p/m3 (Inclusive of GST)

SeaGreens Organic Compost is an Australian Certified Organic* compost made from waste hardwood biomass, organic screened cow manure, seaweed and kelp extracts.

Compost is a soil improver/amendment and should not be planted directly into. We also recommend the application of additional organic sources of nitrogen such as Organic Powerfeed, Organic Charlie Carp or granuluar products like Richgro Organics Nitrogen Booster.

Application Rate:

The recommended application rate for SeaGreens Organic Compost is 60 litres per square metre and thoroughly mixed into 200mm of soil depth.

pH Level:

This product is a Certified Organic* product that cannot have traditional chemical products added to it to balance pH. The pH of the product when it leaves our yard is always in an acceptable band. The pH can tend towards alkaline if allowed to dry out. The compost should be kept covered and moist if not using straight away. When using the product, the area you have mixed the compost into should be kept moist for 2 weeks for the best results.

* This product is allowable for use on farms (or in facilities) certified to the Australian Certified Organic Standard

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