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HALS produces over 1.5 million bagged products per year, which equates to significant quantities of soft plastics that currently are not recycled or reprocessed in Tasmania. This means the bags will ultimately end up in landfill. We are setting up collection points in some garden centres and hardware stores that we service to collect potting media bags and return them to our site in Brighton. We would compress the bags into bales and then send them to our recycling partners in Victoria & Tasmania to be recycled.

HALS has strong environmental values as we demonstrate with our relationships with seaweed and kelp product manufacturers to take waste that would otherwise be in landfill to use in our composting processes. HALS also makes a range of organic products to reduce the number of chemical fertilisers in the environment. HALS is dedicated to reducing waste, improving our environment, advocating for and developing recycling in Tasmania.

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