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We compost raw materials on site for our potting mixes and composts

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We can make custom mixes to suit different needs in the garden


We bag a huge range of products and can bag custom mixes for your business



We have a range of Logistics Options for Your Home and Your Business




We produce potting media from scratch to produce the highest quality mixes and to be in control of the process from start to finish. Bark forms the base of our potting mixes being composted in windrows over a few months. Our composts start as hardwood sawdust and are composted over 10-12 weeks. Seaweed and Kelp extracts get added over the composting process feeding microbial life and adding in nutrients into the mixes.


At HALS we produce a huge range of different mixes including custom mixes for different jobs and different customers. Having the ability to create custom mixes gives us the flexibility to meet the needs of our customers rather than a few general purpose options.

Let us know if you have particular requirements around pH, nutrient levels, drainage or water holding capacity or any other factor that is needed to meet your needs.

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We bag a huge range of products from potting mixes and composts to landscaping rocks, perlite, lime, blood & bone and much more.

We produce the largest number of Australian Standards Certified potting media products in Australia. HALS bags products in Tasmania for Richgro, Ki-Carma, Pinegro and many more. Plus we have a big range of HALS products like our SeaGreens and Biochar ranges!

We can also bag custom mixes, which we regularly do for independent nurseries. Either with bags nurseries have had designed or with plain bags with labels HALS has created. We are always happy to work with businesses in getting bags made.

With an automated bagging line online give HALS even greater capacity to produce high volumes of bagged product.


HALS can deliver, with a wide range of options to get the products to where you need them. With options to tip bulk loads, take split loads (2 different products) and to deliver bulka bags. 

We also deliver pallets of stock and potting media to horticultural enterprises, nurseries and retail outlets.

Chat to us about your delivery needs!

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