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Tasmania is blessed with an abundance of clean, natural resources within easy transportable reach. Having a well-established transport and distribution regime, HALS has build synergies with like-minded companies willing to collaborate to reduce waste to landfill. Our SeaGreens range exemplifies this thinking. Waste seaweed extracts are collected and then composted with clean waste biomass in an aerobic process for up to ten weeks with constant monitoring of core temperatures and nutrient levels to ensure the microbes are busy breaking down the organic matter. The end result is our premium, seaweed infused, certifiec organic horticultural media known as SeaGreens. 


- 100% Organic Natural Growth Stimulant

- Enhances Plant Health and Immunity

- Stimulates Root Growth 

- Improves Soil Microbial Activity 

- Improves Water Retention 

- High in mineral content for nutrient dense vegetables 


- Aerobically Composted 

- Laboratory tested

- Available in retail & bulka bags, bulk tip off loads also

- Screened 0-7mm, 0-11mm, 11-16mm

- Specific blends to suit customer requirements including HALS biochar