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WaterUps Wicking Beds

HALS are proudly the Tasmanian distributors for WaterUps. WaterUps are a Sydney based company producing Australian designed and made wicking beds from Colorbond steel and wicking bed systems from recycled plastic. Wicking beds are a water efficient option for all plants. Wicking beds save you time by reducing watering from potentially daily to as long as once a month depending on weather and the wicking bed system.


More Information on Wicking Beds

Wicking is the movement of water by ‘capillary action’, where water is drawn upwards due to surface tension and the interaction of adhesive and cohesive forces. This is what allows plants to draw up water and nutrients through their roots and up into the trunk and leaves of the plant. 

In wicking beds, water is drawn up into the pore spaces in the soil to a height of about 350mm. Water wicking beds eliminate the problem of deciding when and how much to water. Plants in a wicking bed can last up to 4 weeks without additional watering, in contrast to surface watering, which can require daily watering depending on climatic conditions.  Apart from the frequency of watering, there is a substantial saving of water itself in using the wicking method.

Check out for more detailed information plus helpful tips and videos.

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WaterUps Single Cell Planter


Colours Available:

Monument, Light Grey & Latte

WaterUps Single Cell Planter is perfect for small gardens and patios. A self contained wicking bed in a pot, complete with inlet pipe and overflow to prevent the soil from becoming saturated. Vegetable, herbs, flowers and shrubs are great options for this planter. Reduce garden maintenance by watering less and you save water as it is not lost to evaporation.

Made in Australia from recycled plastics.

External Dimensions:

480(L) x 480(W) x 430(H)


(GST Included. Tasmania only, delivery fees may apply)

WaterUps Wicking Bed Kits

WaterUps Wicking Bed Kits come with a Colorbond steel frame, a reservoir liner to contain the water, WaterUps wicking cells, inlet pipe and overflow pipe. These are ideal as veggie beds. It reduces daily watering to up to weekly, fortnightly or much longer depending on weather and the size of the bed. Plants can grow faster and are healthier in a wicking bed thanks to constantly available water.

You will need to also purchase perlite and growing media. We also recommend geotextile as a barrier to roots and soil getting into the water reservoir.

External Dimensions:

1265(L) x 465(W) x 450(H)

Colour: Woodland Grey


(GST Included. Tasmania only, delivery fees may apply)

External Dimensions:

1665(L) x 865(W) x 450(H)​

Colours: Woodland Grey, Pale Eucalypt, Wallaby, Windspray, Slate Grey


(GST Included. Tasmania only, delivery fees may apply)

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