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Horticultural and Landscape Supplies (HALS) has been serving Tasmanian Growers since 1982 as a wholesale supplier to Hardware Stores and Garden Centres, Councils and Horticultural Enterprises as well as a bulk landscape supplier and manufacturer of quality, certified potting media and soil improvers. HALS produces, manufactures and packs potting media, soil improvers and landscape material under our own brands as well as under contract for national brands and suppliers such as Brunnings, Richgro, Amgrow and Scotts, just to name a few. HALS also has been involved in exciting projects such as the Edible Precinct at Macquarie Point, Hobart Airport, the Hanging Gardens and many more.


Based in Brighton, Tasmania, HALS has grown to be one of the largest garden wholesale businesses in the state, employing over 30 people with representation across the north and south. Our customer base spans from large national and international companies such as Mitre 10, Bunnings, Plants Plus and Home Hardware to independent garden centres and nurseries in Tasmania and Victoria.


As Tasmania’s first Australian Standards ‘Red Tick’ potting media producer in 2001, HALS has a long history of meeting the highest standards of horticultural products. In fact HALS has the largest number of different Australian Standards Certified horticultural products in the country! Having Australian Standards Certification has led to better consumer confidence and satisfaction knowing that the product they are buying was of a certain quality.


Well over a dozen HALS products are also certified to meet the more stringent accreditation from the Nursery Industry Accreditation Scheme Australia (NIASA), administered by Greenlife Industry Australia. It is a holistic system designed to ensure the sustainability of the nursery industry by promoting the highest possible standards and a constant strive for improvement. With annual audits and strong control on the distribution chain, customers can have confidence that HALS’ is operating and our products are manufactured with industry best practice.


HALS proudly produces our Australian Certified Organic SeaGreens range consisting of Potting Mix, Compost, Mulch, Garden Soil and Seed Raising Mix. Organic Certification is difficult to achieve and maintain, however HALS is committed to our organic range and has overcome the traditional hurdles to produce a range of high-quality products.


As proud as HALS is of our SeaGreens range, our Biochar range is something we are equally proud of. Biochar is a soil amendment produced using waste product from the food industry such as walnut shells. This is burnt in a low oxygen environment producing a product which can hold over double its volume in water, as well as beneficial microbes and being a carbon sink in soil, locking carbon away for thousands of years. Biochar also improves the structure of soil by not breaking down, improving aeration and drainage.


Planned expansion and increased automation through robotics and automated bagging systems mean that while HALS has been operating since 1982, the business is also evolving to meet the demands of our customers.  The future is exciting, as HALS can serve our customers faster, in larger volumes and better than ever.



We think Tasmania is pretty awesome. That's why we're proud to support community organsations. Pictured is one of the many talented women's teams of Olympia FC Warriors!

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