Introducing Biochar

We are pleased to announce we are now agents for

REGEN Biochar

The most common use of Regen Biochar is to improve soil structure. Soil tends to become compacted over time which impedes root growth, decreasing the ability of the plant to take up nutrients and water. Regen Biochar will add more loft and texture to keep soil loose and increase the uptake of nutrients such as carbon and nitrogen, as well as beneficial bacteria.

Regen Biochar is a fine-grained charcoal high in organic carbon and beneficial bio oils, and is largely resistant to decomposition, which means it will remain active for many years.

Regen Biochar is produced specifically from selected hardwood waste and is processed via a patented method incorporating high temperature pyrolysis and steam injection, resulting in a molecular structure which is more stable both chemically and biologically than most carbon products. It is recommended that up to 50% Biochar is mixed with a high value organic compost such as SeaGreens Premium Compost for at least 2 weeks prior to use.

Product available in 20Lt bags pre-activated with certified SeaGreens Premium Compost, or in pure concentrate form in 10kg bags. Bulk commercial sales welcome.

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